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PKB EKO Hair-dye : filling and capping machine up to 35/40 bpm

PKB EKO Hair-dye : filling and capping machine up to 35/40 bpm
  • PKB EKO Hair-dye : filling and capping machine up to 60 bpm
  • Hair-dye bottles
  • Hair-dye filling - EKO
  • Vissage de canules produits coloration - EKO
  • Vissage de capsules produits coloration - EKO

The PKB EKO Hair-dye filling/capping machine is ideal for conquering new foreign markets. With a minimal investment, the EKO Hair-dye filling/capping machine allows local production at low cost. If the importation of a product is not economically viable, this machine gives the chance to test a market before committing to a large scale production with automation.

Furthermore, should this hair-dye ‘conquest’ fail commercially, the PKB EKO Hair-dye filling/capping machine can easily be converted into an EKO Perfume, EKO Liquid Cosmetics, EKO Cosmetic Creams or other PKB EKO filling/capping machine.

PKB has chosen the MASS FLOWMETER technology.

Flowmeters are THE best answer to premature wear of the filling circuit due to hair-dye products (aggressiveness of the products, abrasion, seals corroded by oxidizing agents, repeated leaks, loss of precision, machines stopping regularly, frequent repair or preventive maintenance work, staff exposure to toxic products).

Unlike conventional volumetric pumps, flowmeters are a linear ‘pipe’, with no moving parts and no dynamic seals.

Moreover, flowmeters offer the following additional advantages:

  • no retention area
  • almost no change parts (no pumps and no bottle neck grips) and a minimum of wear parts
  • the most reliable and remarkably robust technology on the market
  • dosing accuracy
  • optimized cleaning and sanitizing with minimal effluent discharge

PKB EKO Hair-dye is a mass produced entry level machine, with production costs and selling price down by 50%.

The PKB EKO Hair-dye is up to the PKB standards of excellence and durability, thanks to the use of components with proven reliability, and with the associated reduction in operating costs.

  • Small footprint
  • Great ease of use, requiring no qualifications or special training
  • Stainless steel guards and safety glass
  • Clear, user-friendly machine manual
  • Machine approved and certified by an independent external accredited organization
  • Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via Internet
  • Record delivery time.

The PKB EKO Hair-dye filling/capping machine offers the best value for money and lead time on the market to conquer these new hair-dye markets.