PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

PKB MASSFLO Hair-dye : filling and capping machine up to 200/400 bpm

PKB MASSFLO Hair-dye : filling and capping machine up to 200/400 bpm

The new PKB continuous rotary machine operating at 200/400 bottles per minute offers a high output filling/capping solution for hair-dye products.

PKB has chosen the MASS FLOWMETER technology.

Flowmeters are THE best answer to premature wear of the filling circuit due to hair-dye products (aggressiveness of the products, abrasion, seals corroded by oxidizing agents, repeated leaks, loss of precision, machines stopping regularly, frequent repair or preventive maintenance work, staff exposure to toxic products).

Unlike conventional volumetric pumps, flowmeters are a linear ‘pipe’, with no moving parts and no dynamic seals.

Moreover, flowmeters offer the following additional advantages:

  • no retention area
  • almost no change parts (no pumps and no bottle neck grips) and a minimum of wear parts-
  • the most reliable and remarkably robust technology on the market
  • dosing accuracy
  • no feeding tank
  • optimized cleaning and sanitizing with minimal effluent discharge
  • optimized production output: smart use of servodrives optimizes the number of working filling stations, so that only 10 nozzles/flowmeters are needed to achieve 400 bottles per minute with 60 ml containers, with consequent important benefits for cleaning, minimal effluent discharge and price.

Diagnostics and remote maintenance assistance via Internet.