PKB Cosmetics, toiletry and fragrance filling lines

PKB Eco-responsible

PKB signed the Charter for an Eco Responsible Cosmetic Valley on 16 October 2009, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development.

Cosmetic Valley has awarded PKB 3 eco-peonies:


Cosmetic Valley has awarded PKB 3 peonies for the excellence of its Eco-responsible approach



As a designer and manufacturer of filling machines for the Fragrance and Cosmetic industry, we at PKB are particularly sensitive to ecological issues, which is why we have taken measures to improve our environmental performance.


Eco-design of our products through:


  • Efficient machines that minimize the amount of waste generated during production,
  • Optimized cleaning in place systems to reduce effluent discharge and water consumption,
  • Easy maintenance with fewer parts,
  • Machines designed and configured to be compact and perform multiple operations, so they are economical, take up less space and use fewer materials in production,
  • Use of 99% recyclable materials and parts,
  • Replacement of pneumatic systems with more energy efficient electric systems,
  • Elimination of the compressed air jets on the vibrating bowls, saving an estimated 1800 euros per bowl per year,
  • Use of refurbished machines,
  • Long life cycle,
  • Technical support via Ethernet to limit unnecessary service calls and optimize customer service.

These measures enable us to track the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle.


We also pride ourselves on our ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives:


  • Energy efficiency,
  • Recycling of refuse, customer components and other waste by approved organizations,
  • Optimization of the use of customers’ consumables (bulk, components) during test phases
  • Supporting local economic development by hiring interns and apprentices and partnering with local educational and training organizations.

Moreover, as a member of Cosmetic Valley, we have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with other members and implement key sustainable development initiatives specific to the Fragrance and Cosmetic industry.